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Balboa Gold

Custom Name Necklace

Custom Name Necklace

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These fully customizable name necklaces keep your loved ones close to your heart! A simple necklace that's great for solo wear and makes a great gift! Made fully from 14k gold fill, this is completely waterproof, sweat-proof and ready for everyday.

Order Details:
~ Choose up to 8 letters ( LEAVE NAME DESIRED ON CHECKOUT PAGE)
~All letters come capitalized 

~Each piece is handmade & made to order, typically within a 3-5 business day window. All pieces are made in Southern California.

Since this is a personalized item, returned & exchanges WILL NOT be accepted.

If looking for a length not listed, please send a private message :)

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Balboa Gold

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gold Fill?

Gold Fill is a high quality, affordable alternative to solid gold. Essentially, there is a thick layer of solid gold bonded to a base metal, usually brass. It is way more durable and long lasting that gold plated.

Will my skin turn green?

No! However, everyone reacts to metals differently. There are certain cases where peoples body chemistry reacts to gold, oxidizing it and leaving a green residue on your skin. This has to do with your PH levels.

How do I take care of my 14k gild fill + sterling silver jewelry?

Gold fill jewelry can last a lifetime if properly cared for! It is recommended to keep your jewelry away from the elements, especially humidity. Avoid direct contact with water, perfumes and lotions, these things have potential to oxidize your jewelry. You can keep them nice + shiny by using a polishing cloth every now and then.